Pagabo are pleased to announce the launch of a unique UK wide Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Small Works that can be used by Education Establishments and the Public Sector covering the whole of the UK.

The DPS for Small Works is being led by The Red Kite Learning Trust and is open for all suitable Organisations to register interest to submit tender and gain a place on an approved European Compliant list.

Pagabo have partnered with Local Supply Chain to deliver an EU compliant route for small works required by the public sector. To gain a place on the DPS there is a simple Selection Questionnaire to complete detailing the nature of your organisation, the geographical areas in which you operate and whether you have the necessary levels of governance, capability and capacity to carry out public sector work. The DPS shall run for a 5 year period from 1st April 2018. The initial window to allow organisations on to the DPS shall be open between 5th February to 10th March 2018.

Following on from this, Pagabo shall respond to completed Selection Questionnaires within 10 working days. An organisation can apply to be on the DPS throughout the whole term of the contract. The resulting list of qualified organisations shall then be provided with the opportunity for Public Sector organisations to tender their required works through the DPS to those organisations that have qualified.



Trades Covered by DPS




DPS Values

To allow for a range of different sized organisations to apply for the DPS the process allows for the selection of different contract values by Supplier. To determine the maximum contract value in which a Supplier can be placed is dependent upon previous annual turnover, this must be twice the upper value limit.




The following flow chart describes the DPS and the relationships between each of the parties.