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Easy access to approved trade contractor

Cut the time, effort and cost associated with small works procurement – with the Pagabo Dynamic Purchasing System.

Available to public sector organisations nationwide, our EU and UK compliant list provides access to pre-qualified contractors for minor building, repairs, refurbishment or development projects up to £1,000,000 in value.

Why DPS?

The Pagabo DPS streamlines project procurement, cutting down timescales and enabling you to move forward with the tendering process.

Every supplier on our DPS has been pre-qualified. You can invite them to bid for work in the confidence that they have the capability, capacity, governance and business viability your project requires.

Using the Pagabo DPS is quicker, easier and more efficient than starting from scratch – whilst ensuring you get the right supplier and best value for your project.

To access our DPS, please connect to us by emailing