To provide flexibility and choice we have carefully selected 55 providers across 15 service lots and 6 regional areas. Services can be procured as a single or multidiscipline approach through our Lot 1 single national provider or individually via mini competition, (Lots 2-15).

Lot 1 - Complete Construction (All Lots 2-15) 
Lot 2 - Civils, Structural and Highways Engineering
Lot 3 - Building Services Engineering 
Lot 4 - Bid Writing Services 
Lot 5 - QS, Project and Programme Management and Lead Consultant 
Lot 6 - Sustainability and Environmental Consultancy 
Lot 7 - Architectural Design 
Lot 8 - Landscape Architecture 
Lot 9 - Site Supervisor / Clerk of works 
Lot 10 - Building Surveying 
Lot 11 - Asset /Estate Management 
Lot 12 - Asbestos Consultancy 
Lot 13 - Water/Legionella Consultancy 
Lot 14 - Sports and Leisure 
Lot 15 - Healthcare 


Framework Statistics



Geographic regions

  • Area 1 - Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Area 2 - North (North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber)
  • Area 3 - Midlands (East Midlands, West Midlands)
  • Area 4 - South West
  • Area 5 - Wales
  • Area 6 - London and South East (London, South East, East of England)



Process for appointment

PAGABO will manage all aspects of the appointment process, coordinating the activities of the client organisation, contracting authority and service provider. For the National Framework for Professional Services in Construction and Premises there are two alternative routes of appointment.

1. Single provider

Lot 1 can be used to procure all services within the framework agreement (lots 2-15) as either single or multi discipline appointments with no need for further competition. Simple, quick and compliant.

Individual services can be selected from Lots 2-15. In the event of five or more services, this defaults to Lot 1.

2. Further competition

Lots 2-15 are based on the client undertaking a further competition to determine the most appropriate service provider. PAGABO will support clients through this process.

Service providers under lots 2-15 can be directly appointed however, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure compliance with their contract procedure rules and demonstration of value for money.

Contractual arrangements

In order to procure services through the framework, two simple steps need to be completed.

1. Client Access Agreement (CAA)

  • This CAA is necessary to allow client organisations to access the framework agreement
  • The CAA only needs to be completed once and is valid for the life of the framework
  • There is no charge or fee to access the framework
  • PAGABO can assist in managing the issuing and completion of the document

2. Contract award

  • This is the contract that will deliver the specific services and is required for each commission or programme of services
  • For Lot 1, our provider will work with the client organisation to determine the scope of services and agree the commission brief
  • For Lots 2-15, the client will be required to establish the scope of services and commission brief in order to enable the further competition to be undertaken
  • There is no charge or fee related to contract award
  • PAGABO can assist in managing the issuing and completion of the document

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