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The future looks bright for Pagabo. Here’s why.

We have a three-year strategy that we are driving towards, and that rotates around three key pillars.

Embracing Innovation

We’re a company who are always looking to the future and developing new ways of working. We don’t want to follow; we need to lead the industry in which we work and innovate to do so.

Supporting SMEs

It’s vital for us to be able to support local SMEs through the work that we do and help to procure. We are an SME ourselves and understand the real value of working and partnering with other small and medium sized businesses. We are who drive the British economy.

Driving Social Value

We’re pushing forward with integrating social value in all what we do and then evidencing it in new ways.

You can read more about how important social value is to us by clicking here.

Culture is our driver

As a small organisation, our culture is very important to us, and something we drill into new employees from day one. We give them the flexibility to come up with their own ideas by encouraging them to challenge how things work and coming up with new and better ways of doing things, so they feel like an integrated part of the team very quickly.

My Pagabo app

We’re still a young company, but in our first few years we’ve begun to change the way works are procured in the public sector. We want to continue the revolution with the My Pagabo app.

Coming soon for all our frameworks, the app will make it even easier for clients to work with us, apply for projects and check their status.

Pagabo for Business

We’re ambitious and want to be a business that keeps on growing. We believe the private sector is an area we can help to progress by bringing all our public sector procurement expertise to drive value and efficiency. If you would like to find out more about Pagabo for Business, click the button below.

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