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How does it work? 



Log how you’re feeling with a simple button press whenever you feel a strong change in mood. Press yellow when you’re feeling good, blue when you’re not so good.



Connect to the Moodbeam App to instantly sync your mood, ready to be viewed whenever it suits you.



Understand more about your moods by identifying patterns and trends, create a mood diary, connect with those you care about most and learn how activity and sleep affects how you feel.

What are we doing?

We want every person on-site to have a voice. And we want to use your voice to improve how sites are managed.  

Lead by rebha, we will be trialing the use of Moodbeam One across a number of construction sites, not only to help workers understand if they're having a good or bad day, but also so we can improve working conditions for everyone.

We understand that there are many things that effect whether people have a good or bad day on-site, which is why we’ve kept it simple. We will encourage workers to use this tool to communicate, either at preset times of the day or whenever they like. 

The data will be totally anonymous and used to highlight challenges and stress points on-site, as well as capturing times when things are going well. In effect, the collective highs and lows of the site.

We hope this tool will give a unique insight into the triggers and patterns that shape workers daily moods, in addtion to being a dashboard for our ecosystem to access their employee's mental health.    





Who's involved? 

Sarah Cooke of rebha is very much at the forefront of this scheme. Main contractors Morgan Sindall and Willmott Dixon are also heavily involved and have kindly allowed for these trials to take place across a number of their sites, with Sarah coordinating and manging the adoption of this technology. 

We want this scheme to grow and become a standard across the industry. We really believe something as simple as a wrist band can have a huge impact on people's daily life and be a stepping stone to even greater future support. 

Get in touch

Whether you're a contractor wanting to take part in the next Moodbeam scheme, or just interested in learning more, call Sarah of rebha on 07950 231 095 today, or email your questions to