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Chitty Chitty Cannes Cannes set to be fully carbon neutral

Date: 07/02/2020

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A ‘carbon neutral’ event

June is fast approaching which means it’s almost time for our charity road trip, Chitty Chitty Cannes Cannes.  

For this event, we have four teams made up of Pagabo team members, our alliance partners Sypro and some of the suppliers in our ecosystem. We will be driving in four cars costing no more than £1000 and making our way from Hull to Cannes in time for the annual MIPIM event – all in the name of raising £40,000 for the Pagabo Foundation.

At Pagabo, we are an environmentally conscious organisation. In 2019 we implemented a number of policies to reduce our carbon footprint, including our ban on single use plastic and our reduction in paper consumption through the digitalisation of our paperwork.

We therefore understand the impact that traveling this distance in cars will have on the environment and want to ensure that Chitty Chitty Cannes Cannes is a fully carbon neutral event.

How will we do this? 

Thanks to the Plant a Tree Today Foundation, we are able to calculate that the four cars traveling a combined distance of 4348 miles will generate a total of 4.30 tonnes of carbon, and in order to offset this amount of carbon we will be planting 10 trees as part of the One ‘Hull’ of a Forest project.  

You might be wondering, so why are you still driving if it is going to have such an impact on the environment? But planes are far bigger polluters.   

In fact, for our 14 drivers to take the same trip via plane it would actually contribute a total of 6.34 tonnes of carbon. This is a huge amount, and with around 23,000 people expected to check into Cannes at some point during the 4-day event, the impact on the environment is clear to see. 

So, if you’re heading down to MIPIM this year why not offset your journey too? 

Click here to find out how you can get involved and spread the word on social media using #NoCarbonForCannes and #TreesForMIPIM.


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