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Raising awareness of a taboo topic is the first battle in making the discussion of mental health more acceptable. We want to drive our industry to take huge leaps forward in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, creating conversations around the topic while educating as many people as possible with where they can seek help they might need.

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Mental health awareness has made great strides in recent years, but in construction there is still a way to go in improving awareness and acceptance with the people who work within it. Our Foundation will aim to unite our key partners to break down those barriers in the industry from the top down. 


Making support and advice as readily available as possible is key to making sure the right support is in place for the people who need it.
Through signposting we aim to make sure support and advice is easily accessible on a range topics. 

How can I access these funds?

Funds raised through the Pagabo Foundation will be made available to organisations working in the construction industry to help support the mental health needs of their workforce.

To find out if your company is eligible to access these funds please register your interest below.

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Chitty Chitty Cannes Cannes

One event that we hope will contribute a large amount towards the Pagabo Foundation is our charity road trip 'Chitty Chitty Cannes Cannes'. Joined by teams of our key partners, four teams will be driving from Hull to Cannes in time for the annual MIPIM event, in the hope of raising upwards of £40,000 to support our various intiatives.  


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